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Cleaning For Clarity after a Messy Break-Up

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Household Chores Can Be a Great Medicine for Heartbreak

Few people get through life without going through a rough breakup, and while time may be the best medicine, weblog DIY Life suggests another one: cleaning your house.

Psychotherapiset Mary Darling Montero points out in the Huffington Post that cleaning has obvious, direct benefits:

If you’re dealing with a fresh heartbreak, it can be tempting to leave traces of your ex around. For one thing, it sustains us in a state of denial, and denial feels safer than reality. The day we take her clothes out of the closet, we’re admitting that it’s over; it’s a gesture heavy with the symbolism of an ending that we believe we cannot bear.

Even better, though, is DIY Life’s other reasoning. Living in a mess can leave your mind cluttered, and you can alleviate quite a bit of stress or depression—whether brought on by heartbreak or something else—by doing a bit of Spring Cleaning:

After a breakup… Cleaning can help you slim down
Not only will vacuuming burn about 75 calories but it will tone your shoulders and biceps. Feeling energized? Try cleaning the gutters and burn up to 350 calories.

After a breakup… Living in a mess can bring down your mood
In the Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin zeros in on the guilty “pleasure” of leaving the house messy. In truth, keeping things tidy when you’re feeling down can actually boost your mood. Pick up those wrappers!

After a breakup… Cleaning can make you more social
This is a no-brainer: When are you more likely to invite friends over, when your living room is a disaster zone or when it smells spring-fresh and all the surfaces are sparkling?

After a breakup… Cleaning can bring clarity
Whole Living quotes Rabbi Sherre Hirsch and makes us think twice about complaining about clearing the kitchen counters: “When your physical surroundings are cluttered, your emotional and spiritual self is cluttered. If your space is clean, then your mind is open and you can let God in.”

Just like playing Tetris to wipe out bad memories, sometimes the best remedies aren’t the first ones that come to mind. Hit the link to read more, and if you’ve got your own favorite remedies for feeling down, be sure to share them with us in the comments. 

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